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JACK 2008: The Best East Asian MV Of The Year

to all who was waiting patiently... another part of JACK 2008 award ceremony

of course you really want to see this The results of my eyes my eyes and WTF categories are posted <3

the next category is the hottest MV of the year

we have five hot nomination:

*Amuro Namie & DOUBLE - Black Diamond
*Bi - Rainism
*BoA - Eat You Up (Asian vers)
*DBSK - Mirotic
*PUSHIM - Hey Boy!

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now it's time to cool ourselves with cold drink... we all are in good mood so let it become even better

next category is the funniest PV xD
our candidates:

*Crystal Kay - Namida No Saki Ni
*Mighty Mouth feat. Yoon Eun Hey - I love you
*mihimaru GT - Giri Giri HERO
*Park Jung Ah - New Ways Always
*Suga Shikao - Kono Yubi Tomare
*V6 - Tokonatsu Vibration
*Wonder Girls - So Hot

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JACK 2008: The Best East Asian MV Of The Year

ok I'll show you the results of our contest. Two of those that Chouko have...
first comming category "the most ow gawd PV"
and we have 10 candidates

*BOO - French Girl
*Christine Ito - Groovy x2
*Club Prince - LOVE Dokkyun
*CORI CORI - CORI CORI Marimokkori
*Fahrenheit - Xin Li You Shu
*Kanjani8 - Wahhahha!
*Ketchup Mania - Please Marry Me
*Lil'B - Orange
*MEG - Heart
*Zhang Yi Lin - I will + Happiness Left Shore

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I hope you are still alive...
next category "the gayest PV for a straight song" there are seven candidates:
*Big Bang - Haru Haru
*BREAKERZ - Winter Party
*DBSK - Wrong Number
*Hey!Say!JUMP - Mayonaka no Shadow Boy
*NEWS - Taiyou no namida
*SMAP - Kono toki kitto yume ja nai
*Super Junior H - Cooking? Cooking!

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will be continued...

JACK 2008: The Best East Asian MV Of The Year

a word from jury:
As you may know from yuaelt journal, the both of us made contest for the best music video from East Asia released in 2008... It was really hard work, even if we didn't watch all of them (honestly not even 1/5). and it's only our subjective opinion ;p If you feel JACK Awards is a good idea but aren't satisfied with the way it was concluded, join us! JACK 2009 is waiting!

Chouko: Yes Yes, our jury can be really talkative sometimes... Ladies and gentlemen, let's give them nice ovation and start proper ceremony

Vermis: In a heartbeat

and to gave our ceremony more bliss... let's welcome a true star