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decadent chocolate cake

..::free mind::..

Inquiring minds wanna know
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hello guest
this is a semi friends-only journal
the place where I post random personal stuff and all my fan writing

Lena; Ran; Ranek
theologist; fangirl; fujoshi; asian music lover, fanfic writer; violin fetishist, dreamer; loner; empatic; short-tempered; crazy; shy; neurotic; malicious; romantic; easily bored; always sick

fandoms? definitely too many, thank you

I like to
read books and comics, play video games, spend time with friends, make graphics, watch movies/dramas/asian variety shows, write fanfics, laugh, eat

anime, aoi yuu, art of voice, beautiful things, boa, books, calligraphy, certain nichkhun, chinen the sweet peach-pie, crack, crack fansubs, crazy talks with friends, donghae wants me series, engrish, f.t island, fanfics, fantasy, fanvideo, fetishes, full time zaciesz, good morning bob!-hello jin, hangul, henrylau's epic violin skills, idols in drag, japan, japanese folk, japanese wedding customs, jdorama, john-hoon, johnny's entertainment, koreańskie dramy są głupie, kry is my ot3, kubozuka yosuke, macro, mago mago arashi, making icons, matsujun's jewellery, men in kimonos, music, mythology, nihongo, ohno vs nakai, okita souji, onew the fearless leader, pan rosomak pomórnik, phone straps, photobooks, pierwiastek mroku, pillows, plushies, rainbows, reading in japanese, red panda, ryeowook/a-yeon(anonymous-female-dancer), school uniforms, sen-bez-kyu-to-sen-stracony theory, shinhwa is eternal love, shinsengumi, sho's drawing, sho's random facial expressions, sitting on the floor, slash, smirking kyuhyun, so beast, stuffed animals, subbed tv shows, sungmin in my bed, sungmin/sunny-is-a-double-sun, super junior, sweets, słoń nasław, taking a shower, theology, toma is so shy, twincest, utaban, walcz nino!, warm socks, weird dreams, weird pairings, why johnny why, winamp skins, wookie's high note, writing fanfics at 3am, writing in hangul, wtf?!, yesung's beautiful smile, świnka mandarynka, , , 오빠!!